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Oli Motor Terbaik – Total Hi-Perf

August 10 2015 , Written by ekowiner persistent

As a motorcycle users helps us to know about the importance of oil, especially that it is technically reserved for motorcycles. It is important that we are not easily fooled jargon certain brands that claim to be the best oil. We must understand that...

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Online courses Certified In Indonesia

June 7 2015 , Written by ekowiner persistent Published on #Kursus Online

Want online courses ( Kursus Online ) certified in Indonesia are equipped with reliable quality and not complicated ?, many sites in Indonesia that offers online courses one of which is sekolahpintar.com. Before I review about the "Certified Online Course...

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Berbagi Bahagia Bersama TabloidNova.com

May 5 2015 , Written by ekowiner persistent Published on #TabloidNova.com

Hidup itu penuh misteri terkadang kita merasa sedih, susah, senang, bahagia, galau, rasa sedih sering membuat kita meneteskan air mata, begitu pula rasa senang, bahagia bercanda-canda yang bisa membuat kita tertawa terbahak-bahak . Dibalik rasa sedih...

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