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Manfaat Yoghurt

October 14 2015 , Written by ekowiner persistent

Yoghurt many of which make it a diet that is very very popular. Yoghurt has a distinctive sour taste, because yogurt is fermented milk sugar (lactose) into lactic acid, which makes thickens and supple. A series of compounds yoghurt as protein, riboflavin, calcium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 makes it useful for health and beauty treatments.

Yoghurt is a significant source of potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, and vitamin B5. The benefits of yoghurt ( Manfaat Yoghurt ) Yogurt also contains B12, to maintain red blood cells and helps keep the nervous system functioning properly. Yogurt can be an excellent source of protein. Greek yogurt is made thicker and has 20 grams of protein per serving. While traditional yogurt has at least 5 grams of protein. If possible you need protein, looking for brands that provide about 8 to 10 grams of protein per serving.

For children can be especially for seniors because it tastes pretty good and fit in their tongue. Yoghurt is identical with that sour taste, to reduce the level of acidity is high, you can combine the yogurt with fruit or fresh vegetables. Flavor can be combined into a sweet when mixed with sweet fruits and fresh.

One is produced from milk yogurt. ( Manfaat Yoghurt )Yoghurt is different from other dairy products, yoghurt from milk fermented by living bacteria that are beneficial to the body. Benefits yoghurt not only for the body but also the beauty of the skin and face. Yogurt can be consumed by anyone, anytime. The content of the yogurt is very good for everyone, in the yogurt contains a lot of vitamins and calcium is also very good for the body.

The benefits of yogurt to your diet can certainly be something positive to be utilized. Yogurt contains live bacteria which is very good for the digestive effect. Probiotics contained in yogurt can keep the digestive system and maximize health. In this case, the yogurt can be useful to help the diet because it can prevent the accumulation of calories and other digestive problems. Other content is useful for dietary fiber. The content is very suitable for those who want to successfully lose weight.

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